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i dont know

This weekend was 10x better than last. Friday tyson and i went to eat dinner then watched the sum of all fears at my house and of course i fell asleep at like 10. Saturday i had to get up early to get my hair done for banquet. I had an idea of what i wanted (sort of messy and curly/wavy) and i found a picture in a magazine and decided its what i wanted. well it looked good on the model....not on me im more of a straight haired girl so i looked ridiculous (no offense to my hair dresser she did it just like the model's hair was) but i looked like a mixture of martha washington and little orphan annie :(. So my mom got pissed off at me because we spent like 20 dollars to get it done and i hated it. yah i know i should have grown some balls and just worn my hair like that but i seriously looked soo goofy, not that i dont usually but goofier than usual. So my mom said i could wash it out and just wear my hair straight if i wanted to. So my hair was nothing special at banquet...oh well. But the rest of the night was fun. But i realized im gonna miss the seniors sooo much next yr :*(. After banquet tyson and i changed then went to my house and just watched tv then i took him home. I dont think i have any homework this weekend except study for some quizzes. I might might MIGHT get my car back this week i really hope so i miss driving it :(. But i have to go get ready i think tyson and i are doing something soon? i dont know when but anywho....later
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