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today blew. i woke up at 2:30 feeling like crap and woke up every hour. then as i was getting ready i felt so sick and weak i had to take a break every 2 minutes when i was blowdrying my hair. My mom let me stay home from school for the first two periods which was cool of her. I still felt kinda crummy all day and i found out im failing chemistry. just great. and my dad is expecting a grade better than last six weeks(82) yah. riight. i have soo much stuff to take care of this week...including tyson's valentines day present and kirstyns not that i mind getting them stuff of course i dont but its a pain in my ass when i don't have a car and havent had it for over a month. My grades arent keeping me optimistic either. i think the only class i am doing ok in is history. oh and theatre arts.... because thats such an accomplishment. I'm just in a real bad mood today. Im ready for next tri. which reminds me i have to go to the counselor sometime and change out fo mrs etzelmillers class and mr smiths because ive heard nothing but bad about those two. Im just more ready for better weather im sick of it being so damn cold and rainy outside all the time. Well i need to go eat or lay down or watch tv or do homework...

the end
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