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Today wasnt so bad. I did really bad on a math test i needed to do good on but shit happens. Tomorrow is valentines day! wahoo! Tyson and i are going to eat at his family's country club then probably go see a movie or somethin. I hope the weather isn't horrible i hate hate hate bad weather. I need to get tyson's vday gift tonight:/ such a good procrastinating girlfriend i am... I also have to get jeanette a birthday present :o its her 17th birthday this wednesday uh oh. watch out. Tomorrow we have this cheerleading fashion show...i am not the modeling all. But i need a better grade in cheerleading and jeanette talked me into it and alot of the cheerleaders are going so i figured what the heck its only like 4-5 hours but i have to get up at 9:30 :( which means an early bed time tonight i have been waking up at the most random early times the past few days and i need sleeep. Well i have nothing else to say so i'm going to go

happy early valentines day

the end
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