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monday? need i say more

Well today was stressful. My algebra1 grade is a 76 and my dad is expecting something better than a 92 this six weeks. sorry dad. My chem grade raised two points so thats good i guess. Cheerleading was nice today, we didn't have to work out because the PE kids were rollerblading on our mats (?!) anyway, we ran around trying to get them off for a while then we just chilled in Howies room and watched our competition from last december and me jeanette and the megans played BS. After school i went to jeanettes to watch our banquet DVD, ti was pretty tyte then i went home adn studied nomenclature...woo wooo. Then there was some meeting and they recognized a bunch of groups of students in coppell for their achievements and the cheerleaders were invited to go and accept a first award this year, cool! Today was the first time in a month and a half that i drove to school...that was nice, except my ghetto radio doesnt work...only like 1 outta every 20 tries and you cant change the station only like 1 outta 10 tries so i listened to those annoying DJs on 97.9 the beat all the way home. Well i need to study some more...goodnight all who reads this and have a good day tomorrow and if youre not doing anything go to the bball game at 730 vs..umm hold on...vs. MArcus

peace out!
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