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3 days left!

So this spring break wasn't the most fun but it wasn't that bad. I got a haircut on wednesday and its prtty short and then i went with cassidy to get her dog from the vet and then we went to blockbuster then to her house, then to the mall, then to ale's, then to macaroni grill then drove to flower mound? yah we don't know why, then we went to her house and watched Bumfights and fell asleep. Thursday cass and i woke up at we ended up sitting around for a while..then decided to go to petland so i went home and showered then we drove to petland, then the mall. Then i took her home and we decided to go see a movie later. I had to drive to cheddars to get money from my mom since she was eating with work friends. Then i got subway and had to eat it at the mall and then cassidy and i saw Secret Window. i really liked it. Then we drove around and then went to blockbuster..AGAIN and then she took me home and i got in trouble for not calling after the movie. yah yah. Then i went to sleep kinda 12 and then i had a dream tyson and i got married haha and all our friends were was kinda nice but i couldnt finish it because the cleaning ladies were vacuuming. I woke up at 11:45 so im well rested. I don't know what i'm doing today. I want to go out to eat with cassidy at Pei Wei but i have nooo money :( so i'll prob be sitting around here all day. Well that's all for now i'll try and write more later. Peace out

tyson gets home in 3 days!!
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