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long time no see

Well it's been like almost 3 months since i updated. Yah, sorry. Well anyway school ended fine and then we had cheer stuff. We had camp this weekend at Gaylord Texan, nice place. Friday night me, mary and nette spent the night at sarahs then went to camp and then we had the whole squad sleepover. First we sat around then stole the freshman's camp clothes while they were out then we went to the graveyard with water ballloons to wait for the JV cheerleaders to come and tell ghost stories so we could scare them. So we get to the graveyard early to wait for them and we climb over the fence and of course everyone gets over easily but...yah you guessed it. me. So my foot gets caught in some funny position and itfinally get it loose from the fence and its bruised so bad i thought there was more damage than bruising (twisted, minor fracture whatever) then we all go to one side of the graveyard and sarah and i decide to go to the opposite side and wait there and mary, ashley, jessica and misty follow us so theres 15 on one side and 6 on the other. So we wait for oh like 20 minutes for the JV and im getting eaten alive..alllll over. finally the girls arrive and they take Forever so get over the fence and finally like 4 of them get over and they start walking towards me mary sarah etc ..well shit. So they see us and we attack yada yada yada and finally we're done and we climb back over except mary and i try to avoid picking up the busted balloons and then her mom told us to get over the fence and of course i get this little nasty cut on my hand from the rusty graveyard fence. awesome. So we go back to marys and we all take off our panty hoes we had on our head and of course i have a rash-like appearance from the damn things all over my forehead. So im sitting on the toilet and mary is dabbing me with ointment and everyone but me, mary, sarah and nette go outside to swim and do the slip n slide. Yah i felt and looked like craaaap. Soooo we're all 4 upstairs (u know.. the posse) and we all take turns and shower and amanda shows up cuz she was somewhere else she had to be and didnt do the graveyard or anything and we're all 5 talking in marys room while everyone else is in the pool playing "i've never" (that game where someone says I've never.....(something like drank, smoked, had sex etc) and whoever has puts down a finger or in the case outside-jumped in the pool. So anyway everyone comes inside and cant tell us what was said outside because "it doesnt leave the pool" .... yah whatever? then anyway we go downstairs and play the same game again and i was drugged up with medicine and in pain and tired to say the least so me, nette, leslie, mary and amanda went up stairs to go to bed early because we're bitches. (dont ask) then camp was hell the next day nothing really worth typing in here though and finally it was over and i hung with tyson then cassidy and tyson and i chilled....and on monday i babysat cassidy's sick brother then hungout with tyson and then me alana and T saw TROY....then we went to taco cabana and then to zack morgans and saw mary! and zack v. then tuesday tyson and i hung all day and i got my cartlidge pierced....ouch! it doesnt really hurt unless it's hit....and today (wed) i sat around the house and tyson came by for a bit and i did my birthday thank you cards .... well i'm gonna go sit some more and maybe read or watch tv.... peace out everyone

P.S. i hailey thomas WILL keep up with this livejournal from now on.
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