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First entry- - HOT!

Well this is my first entry on livejournal. I've seen my other friends' online journals and thought they were pretty neat considering all the cool and interesting things that happen to me throughout my days...

I guess i'll start by saying what happened today. I woke up 45 minutes late and rushed to get ready and since i don't have a car thanks to mr im going to make a u-turn into that other car when im not even supposed to go into the far right lane....ale had to take me to school today since the boyfriend stayed at home to work on a project. After ale cassidy and i got to school i got some strawberry flavored water it was actually really good. really really good. and the rest of the day was sort of regular monday til the end of 3rd period..oooo..well let me start from the beginning...

it's around 9 PM sunday night and i get a call from miss ale and she tells me "hey. did you realize our lab report is due tomorrow" not just a daily grade lab no a lab report which counts as much as my life, well not really but it counts alot and so we are both flabbergasted (good word) with our situation...and it wouldnt be that bad if we actually had our data and lab notes with us but no, both of them are at school. in our lockers. up in B hall. and so we devise a plan to write notes for ourselves to leave at the beginning of our lunch (D lunch) and skip 4th period (chemistry)to go to my place and type both ours then get back up there and turn them in. and jeanette even told me hers alone took 2 hours how were we gonna do 2 in that time and ale and i arent the most efficient workers together... haha. So we decide to write notes but i know the school sometimes calls your parents like at work even and i know my mom would have a cow if they called and said i missed a class so i decided to tell her about it and she finally wrote a note and told me that if i don't make an A in chemistry she's telling my dad...can u say shit? anyway, 12:20 rolls around and ale and i sign out and leave and go to my house, type up two reports, have time to eat and then go back to school ( i had to be there for cheerleading) and i run to ms fords room and give her the papers and she says "did you finish on time hailey?" and my head says shit dammit im soo bad at lying (ask anyone) and i was like "uhm yes ma'am. here is ale's also. she called me and asked me to get the chemistry notes and i said i wasnt gonig to be tehre and she said she was at the dentist and i told her i was at the eye doctor for my pink eye (is my eye even pink.. noooo...) and i ran by her house just now and grabbed her report since she has flex" and i know ms ford knows we skipped to do it but i still told my bullshit story and that lady makes me nervous as is. so i asked if there was any makeup work and she said no and i ran out of her room like a bat outta hell and went to cheerleading. and thats my exciting story of the day.

cheerleading was ok nothing too bad, no one was in a bad mood and we get to wear our warmups tomorrow thank god my legs are hairy and i dont have time to shave. and after school i did nothing and watched tv and ate the best dinner my mom can make (home made messican rice and tacos yummmmm) AND i found my calculator i have been looking for for like a week whew. and american idol wasnt the greatest tonight but it was kinda funny? Nick scott got his acceptance letter to OU congrats nick. but now its time for the INFERNO!!! yayyy i cant wait to talk to sherra about it tomorrow (that is if she watches it lol but i think she is she was tlaking to me about the show they had introducing the inferno.) oh that reminds me ANOTHER DAMN SCRAPBOOK PAGE!!! due friday gah. i thought i was done with that :( oh well. the inferno calls PEACE OUT!!
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